Through coaching, we help clients realize their potential. Our number one responsibility is to make sure we understand our client’s goals, and from there we can develop a training plan, with the accountability and support to help them reach those goals. The key to success is enjoyment. Whatever the goals, if the client enjoys the process, the results will be positive.

Based in Maplewood, MN we have access to clean lakes for swimming, great roads for cycling, and tons of trails for running. Triple Threat Endurance is located a half block from the Bruce Vento trail and a only a quarter mile from the Gateway trail. We utilize both these trails for our tri club runs and in the spring and fall we use these trails during our brick training sessions. In the winter we are fortunate to be able to swim at St. Anthony High School in a six lane, 25 yard pool. In the summer we swim in the beautifully, clear Square Lake, near Stillwater, MN. For cycling we use the Wahoo Kickrs in the winter where we can focus on building strength, endurance, and speed. In the summer we get out on the roads. We cycle in the northern suburbs of MN where there is less traffic and wide shoulders.

We provide coaching to athletes of all levels in preparation for triathlons, duathlons, and running races. The makeup of our client base is largely runners, cyclist, duathletes, and triathletes seeking guidance and instruction. We also work with clients who are interested in making body changes through athletics, such as weight loss or toning with a training plan.